With the advent of office 365 exchange server, you can protect the organizational data. It is possible to save the data from any circumstances by cloud services. Office 365 servers enable data security as well as control in safer environment. You can work from any place with the source of office 365 exchange servers. You can maintain good organizational management by office 365 servers. Larger mailbox storage with predictable monthly cost is the pros of office 365 servers. At Logictor in Singapore, we make your business organization safer and securable by our services.

Logictor, a software company in Singapore has its own record in developing the office 365 which helps in migration of the business in a fast manner. We are a trusted source for the high-quality transition of data. Our services include verification of domains, installation of active directory, a creation of distribution lists, development of migration plans and schedule. It creates the collaboration between the employees with the most advanced technical management. With the advent of this facility you can send your data to the cloud in case of any disasters. Data security will be trust worthy in office 365 server. You can work from any place without any special configuration. When you use office 365, email, calendar and contacts are synchronized automatically and updates are made regularly. This office 365 system has a flexible monthly billing process. It will be easy to store huge amount of data.

DNS servers are categorized into public and private DNS servers. Majority of the public servers are integrated by well-experienced internet service providers. By setting up a DNS server in your business organization you can integrate your management in a single circle. You can centralize your host information by tracking the file from each client. DNS servers usually allow the clients to make resolution requests. At Logictor consulting services we are glad to configure DNS for your enterprises.

The main purpose of a dynamic remote mailbox can queries mail enabled objects services in cheap cost. The backup of mail boxes are the major service offered by us. It is a mail enabled active directory group which sends email within an organization. You can manage purging and archiving of your employees now. Purging is the process of freeing up space in data base and archiving is the module of backing up the data. Logictor offers all the above listed in cheap price.

In the current scenario, a large list of business organization is moving forward to exchange online. The migration can enhance the management process simple and reduce the capital cost. This can be done in fast and simple process. Time majorly depends on the size of the mail box. We can transfer the data with zero loss by our Logictor software company in Singapore.

Our services are Promise to deliver mailbox setup assistance with premium low cost. Well equipped tools are available to design the mailbox setup. On-premise Cloud Assurance computer Setup: The cloud computing has reached an eminent growth from 2011. We can simply term cloud computing as external data storage on cloud drivers. The sharing of data depends upon the internet sources. We provide the cloud-based setup to your organizational networks. We take pride to inform that we have more experience in this field with valid updation on the periodic basis. We assure you a for a securable reliable cloud storage with fast data transfer. Cost is affordable to reach our services. We are a well-known software company to many clients around globally. Our services are Promise and trustworthy.

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