Networking Infrastructure

Logictor is a leading Web designing source which also shows versatile performance in web development with internet marketing agency in Singapore. The prominent goal of our service is to provide standard valuable IT Support services to our clients. You can save your valuable money with precious time by reaching us. We are here to enhance and manage all your IT needs and Management in Singapore.
Network infrastructure is an essential part of IT Set up. A well-versed network environment boosts network connectivity between users in indoor with outsourcing networks. We facilitate worth IT Set up to your workplace in affordable cost in Singapore.


  • Network design and setup
  • Switches setup
  • Routers setup
  • Firewall configuration
  • Virtual Private Network.
Are you confused to set up an office? Our services are the big relief to your confusion. A well-grounded network can serve as a foundation for our business. A minimal error in the network setup can cost a huge loss to your Business. The fluctuations in the network design and setup can damage your business reputation among your competitors. We hold the privilege to set up networks for small scale as well as large-scale enterprises. We follow 3S quality factor for our performance which is security, sustainability and superstitious. We are ready to showcase all our performance in Data Networks, Voice Networks, Wireless Networks, Local Area Network and Wide Area Network.
When you integrate with Logictor to manage your network setup, be ready to receive a successful network setup in Singapore. We hold the lot of options for your network design such as data cable methods, wireless solutions or the mixture of both systems.

A network setup does not get a full shape without switches. A switch connects all devices in an integrated sequence to process complete data. As per the network design to set up a switch needs maximum attention. We present a world-class switches setup configuration for your business house. It is good news to say that we have tied up with many IT consultancy services, which helps to find prominent equipment to our clients. It will be the great honour for us to work with your business network setup in Singapore.

Routers are the electronic equipment to connect all computer networks in order to forward data packets. We master your network setup with highly built routers. Our technical team is so smart to select the correct type of routers which suits your business network. Network designing in Singapore with us can give a new dimension to your business.

There is a famous quote " At the end of the goals are simple, Safety and security ". Whatever we design or set up a network in Singapore with high equipped devices, it is essential to maintain the network from threats and malware. We have great expertise in firewall configuration, which helps to resist unwanted malware and make your network securable

The virtual private network helps to connect our network with safe and securable encrypted mode. Our technical wizards hold a wide range of power to implement the virtual private network in your network design in Singapore. You can reach us to know about our adorable services.

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