Machine Vision Systems

Machine Vision Systems


Machine Vision Systems are also known, as industrial image processing, is an important tool for the optimization and automatic monitoring of production processes. Industrial 'machine vision' cameras play an important role here. We develop customized application for Machine Vision to monitor or control of production processes like monitoring defects PC board manufacturing, traffic control and Inspection, barcode scanning and imaging, Automated warehouse management, Security Systems.

Machine vision cameras are an important element in the industrial image processing chain. The camera uses a specific protocol to communicate with a processing server, which then processes the image data and which may be used to modify the camera's settings.

The requirements for an industrial image-processing camera vary from application to application. The camera specification and settings will change depending on the noise, speed of the moving object. The key requirements, for example are relate to noise level, refresh rate, sensitivity, dynamic range, exposure mode and resolution. To achieve its full potential, the camera must also be properly supported by its peripherals. As such, the optics and interface used by the camera to pass on data are also of crucial importance.

We can develop customizable software’s with drivers, which can be adapted to major Machine Vision camera makers.

  • High Precision Image Processing.
  • High Speed Image Capture.
  • High Speed Image Inspections.
  • Alert by sms, email or system display.
  • Color Processing.
  • Advanced parallel architecture and algorithms.

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