Email and VOIP Setup

It is very essential to be connected with everyone to enhance our business goals. Logictor a leading IT consulting services in Singapore boost your business by presenting cloud-based email, Voip services to increase the productivity of an organization. We present elegant communication tools for reliable and relevant business organizations.

Logictor a software company in Singapore hired a highly motivated team to acknowledge the technical spectrum in the recent communication world. We are known for our commercial internet services in Singapore. Our relationship with many internet service providers gives the opportunity to provide high-quality services to our customers. Our services have been useful to many domains such as Business Process Outsourcing, communication networks and automotive industries. We are keenly interested to provide wireless broadband internet, internet leased line connection, all types of wire and wireless solution etc.

PABX is widely known as Private Automated Branch Exchange is a phone switching system which is mostly used in business enterprises. It allows a single line to multiple lines. The PABX usually uses “Voice over Internet Protocol “to transmit the data into digital form with high-speed internet. It can activate the productivity in your business and improve the client-customer relationship. Scalability, manageability and enhanced features are major advantages of this service. Logictor, a software company in Singapore offers the best services in the above stream.

You can hire Logictor IT solutions in Singapore to set up video conferencing and to maintain its functioning for your business purposes. It will increase your business with productivity with expansion. You can engage with customers across overseas with the help of our service.

Logictor the best web hosting company in Singapore delivers the faster website with the securable source. Our professional technicians offer our services that satisfy all your needs in web hosting. Our top priority is to give the best services to our clients. We cover many clients across the world. There are no hidden fees for our services. Cost is minimal compared to other sources. We integrated many plans for your website. Just choose your design to create a classic website. Google always have a positive vibration over Https which acts a good search quality indicator. Confidentiality, integrity, identify are the major key roles in Https. It helps the web page to be securable with proper encryption. The integrity secures the data being modified without user knowledge.
A website with backups can give safety to your data. It will be a convenience and accessibility. Data versioning with ease of recovery are the key roles in the backups. A website with the database can save money with flexible usage and technical support. An efficient e-commerce hosting can give the high rate of visitors to your website. A slow loading website can irritate the customers. An integrated web hosting satisfies all the needs of the customer. Logictor, an IT company in Singapore can provide all the above-listed services with passion.

Email hosting solution includes business emails as well as live chat. It is a collaboration server which tends to meet all your business requirements. You can get immediate access to email for business. Our services are spontaneous and very easy to use. We serve business email which is private, protected and can deliver immediate communications across business organization.

It is a web-based online suite which includes word processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, databases, note-taking, and conferencing of websites with Customer Relationship Manager. The applications are served in a single domain known as software as a service (Saas). It uses an application programming interface for its every product. It has various plug-in to adapt to any platform. In Logictor we can enable you with all kind of services in Zoho including Zoho sites and Zoho CRM.

It provides flexible and sustainable solutions for mutual access to devices across multiple platforms and devices. It is possible to control your official data with securable and authorized users to manipulate rights over the device. A leading web designing company in Singapore we can give outstanding services for your business via office 365 solutions.

File sharing includes the sharing and acknowledgement of files in cloud storage rather than storing in physical component. Logictor a software company in Singapore provides the best file sharing storage network for all their clients. You can access their service from any part of the world.

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