In most business, we use information technology for quick as well as effective process information. Major enterprises use electronic mail and voice over internet protocol (VOIP) for their communication. Electronic data interchange is majorly used for orders as well as payments in most of the business organizations. We cannot assume a situation that our system can be attacked in any situations. An information technology disaster recovery plan should be developed with business continuity plans and business impact analysis. The technology recovery plan should be able to retrieve the hardware data and applications. Some data in the business field are valuable and most wanted. Due to certain circumstances, the data may be erased. This recovery plan can help the technical persons to restore the data. Our Logictor a leading software company in Singapore offers recovery plans in various modules.

They are described here
• Computer room environment with backup power supply.
• Wireless devices, network and servers
• Connection to the service providers with fibres, cables and wireless etc
• Software applications with electronic data interchange and enterprise resource management
• Data restoration.

Logictor Software Company in Singapore delivers modern backup and data restore availability to maintain your business safe and authorized. We follow modern types of equipment doe the data recovery.

Our services will be
1. High performance with instant back up recovery
2. Cloud-integrated back up is available
3. High-density data storage for data recovery

It is a documented process which usually protects or recover information technology infrastructure during disaster. Disaster recovery plan is set of procedures to be followed by an organization during disaster. The disaster can be natural as well as environmental. Logictor a software company in Singapore provides elegant services in disaster as well business continuity plan. Your network infrastructure will receive high standard of security because of disaster recovery plan. The overall idea of this plan is to allow the IT department in order to recover data and system. It will allow the functionality of IT infrastructure in minimal level. It will help the business organization to achieve upper level management support. Every business organization should know the essential of disaster recovery plan.

Benefits of disaster recovery plan
1. Sense of security
2. Minimizing risk without delays
3. Reliability of Standard system.
4. Reducing potential legal liabilities
5. Reduction in stressful environment.

It is the process of creation of systems from preventing and recovering them from potential threats to a company. A business continuity plan provides the classy outline of the disaster. It also ensures the steps to be taken to reach the normal status of the organization after the disaster. A business continuity plan is a set of contingencies in order to minimize the harm to business during disaster scenario. A well known software company provides best source of services in business continuity plan to recover from disaster.

1. Maintenance
2. Analysis
3. Solution design
4. Implementation
5. Testing and acceptance.

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