Ready to push yourself and the web to their full potential each and every day?

Logictor is on the lookout for people who “get it” in five ways:

  • You get that the web is an amazing and dynamic beast that offers new possibilities every day.
  • You get business.
  • You get the crossover relationship between Design, Development and Marketing.
  • You get that we’re in a customer service-driven business.
  • You get that it’s more important to learn new skills than to play ping pong on the job.

If you can offer us that, we’re happy to offer you:

  • A fun, growing environment filled with people who are high on smarts and low on pretention
  • Cross-functional training in web design, development, social media, eCommerce, online marketing and analytics
  • The opportunity to show your skills while always learning new ones
  • Salary plus full medical and dental benefits
  • Paid vacations and holidays
  • 401k and life insurance
  • The chance to work with small businesses, nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies

Sound like a good fit? Let’s get to know each other.

Contact Logictor today for web design that's truly designed to help your business grow.