Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Website hosting is as important as a business, though starting a website is easy and comfortable, what comes next is hosting. Website hosting is to take storage space so that the website and the data have enough access. It is important to take the services of a trusted company which provides space on their server, which turns out to be the data center for the web site. When you host your website, you get ample space to save all the important files and the cost involved would differ depending on the package based on the size required and the type of website.

Logictor is one of the best website hosting company in IndiaLogictor specialises in providing specialised service in selecting the best hosting plan for the clients and their needs, where complete support is provided to the client right from the domain name registration to the web hosting. There are numerous choices available for Domain registration and hosting which are more of a Do It Yourself type with easy to follow steps, however, what you get out of Logictor when associated are all the value added services that tags along.

Our team provides help throughout with support and help whenever required, at Logictor the Email settings are also taken care of with no additional cost which makes us the hot pick in Singapore to choose for your business. Our team of experts are well-versed and experienced for years in web hosting and take complete control of it without your intervention.

  • Talk to our team and explain the type of business, the size of data storage that you're in need of if you know or our executive would plan that for you which depends on various factors. All you need to do is to walk in and explain your business type and various other questions which will help us to derive at the ballpark of your hosting requirement. There are also various types of hosting which depends on the business and how likely it is to scale in the future. The security, reliability and speed consideration are provided by Logictor at its best in the industry.
  • If required as a host, we also provide the controls of interfacing or taking control of the control panel to manage better. We provide services like e-mail along with the hosting account if required, so that you can add mail id's using your website link which makes it look pretty professional, and trustworthy as well. A website visitor is likely to click on the contact us button and choose to email with the requirements if the mail id had a professional website id than the freely hosted like gmail or yahoo.
  • At Logictor, we promise the availability of the website to 99% throughout the year unless under serious issues. The website would be up all the time, unless we schedule a maintenance which are usually done away from the business hours. We ensure to avoid outages and security issues to the utmost level. Talk to us today and get your space at our data center and mail ids for your business.

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