Node Js development

Node Js development

Node JS developments are widely used for dynamic and huge application that require an adept database connection. Node JS is a cross-platform and a server side runtime environment that can be extensively used for web applications.IsNode JS is totally different from the other available frameworks, it helps the developers and programmers to create the Javascript application which would work adept with the available operating systems without any issues. It executes the code using Google V8 Javascript engine, and it is very similar to Javascripting. It has many features, which includes a built-in library that fairly allows the application itself to act as a web server when required, this makes Node JS a right pick when one wants to directly run a web application without having toreply rely on an external web server.

Node JS is also used widely by many companies which includes Microsoft as well, and is the first choice to use to write server side applications in Javascript.

Why use Node JS?
  • Node JS is more like a command line tool where it runs the script without a web server requirement
  • It utilizes V8 javascript engine widely
  • Helps in multi-tasking
  • It is an event based development tool and works well with front end tools well
  • Also, when one develops using Node JS, it adds the liberty to share the code between the browser and the back end
  • It works seamlessly with all databases
  • Node JS works relatively faster than the other development tools

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