Mobile web design

Mobile web design

Mobile usage has considerably increased in the recent years, a survey says that every user prefers mobile or any handheld device over desktop because of the convenience. This has moved on to a level, where web designing has taken a new leap that web development and designing. It is now important to design responsive and adaptive design approach to fit the website to any device size, which makes reading and surfing an easy job. A website that is designed to be responsive with easy navigation and performance has seen returning visitors. This helps to improve credibility and increase in traffic than normal websites that loads but makes reading difficult. The mobile internet connections load data faster than those when desktop is compared and hence the usage has increased multifold. Forecasting results say that developing nations would buy more handheld devices and mobiles over PCs.

The complexity involved in mobile development is different as there are more accommodating in mobile development. A mobile development or web design pertinent to mobile web design is a cross-platform over just cross-browser. It takes many rounds of testing with devices that run on Android/Apple/Blackberry/Windows Phone over the common browser compatibility. It takes great performance and ease of navigation to create a successful design.

A mobile web design is not just about different platforms as there are many numbers of browsers that are available, an android might have Firefox or Opera available in the App store, so the challenge is more than just normal web designing. The mobile web brings in more complexity, but fastest network available with bandwidth has increased the count of mobile consumers this year. In addition to this, the size of mobile devices is different and it takes resizing. The sites are expected to fit in the size and stay compatible with each.

At Logictor, client relationship and client delight matters the most. The developers are trust worthy and has years of hands-on expertise. The team of experts focuses on building brand as a backbone than just a website.

The advantages of creating a mobile web design:
  • Flexibility - The content resizes across all the screen resolutions and devices available where the images are also fluid and has zooming ability
  • User experience - The user experience with mobile is much more delightful than a desktop. The user experience is optimal where even plugging it to the smart-TV makes it a pleasure
  • Cost - Designing a mobile web design is much more cost effective than the normal web designs for desktops
  • Easy to manage - As SEO is easier with mobile web design
  • Recommended by Google for business and blogs

    70% of mobile searches lead to an action within the hour.


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