Business Analysis and Consulting

Business Analysis and Consulting

Logictor, a leading business analysis firm that brings together business consulting, IT consulting, business analysis, process modelling, data modelling with methodologies like Agile as services for other firms all over the world. We are a team of well-learned, qualified and experienced professionals who turned consultants with relevant experience across horizontals and verticals.

At Logictor, each business analysis and consulting project starts off with a detailed one on one talk with the business person in the planning. We plan on how the business analysis would work, as an approach. A detailed consulting proposal is shared to clearly state what will be done, these are unique and tailor made plans for the business once the consultant gets a clear idea of the vision, mission and long term goals of the company.

The proposal starts with a proper NDA signed by both the parties before the work starts so that both the business person and Logictor professionals can kick start work regarding the deliverables, duration and cost involved.

The business idea is documented as a summary along with the industry examples, competitors, and market research. Case study would be extensively conducted by the team of experts, with real time scenarios, current trends and future anticipation of the idea. This would also include the geography of the business implementation.

Why choose Logictor?
  • Team of experienced professionals across verticals
  • On time - every time, proper deliverables as per commitment
  • Quality - Service delivery has always been of a quality that follows the standards
  • Process - The approach followed to implement is of industry standard and is successful with every implementation
  • Decisions - Every decision taken is through proper research, analysis, data driven decisions, case study and market research

Logictor, right from its inception has paved its own path in leading the strategy consulting with the customized plans for each business idea. As each client and their business idea, market, and scenarios are different, it is important to come up with legit options to stay ahead of the competitors and be the best of all with a different approach to quality, process, data derived decisions, etc..

The services by Logictor comprises the trend across the regions that are applicable and viable, which helps in achieving the insight of the client's vision and idea of the business. The services would help clients to focus more on their opportunities to explore where the team from Logictor would help in growing more revenue and cost cutting as well, we generate good leads for clients who might turn a potential long term customer.

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